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How To Enter

Read the following before completing an entry form:

  • Review all entry requirements below. All materials and/or programs developed and/or distributed between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019 are eligible for the competition. The materials or programs submitted must have been developed for use by consumers, not health professionals.

  • NEW FOR 2020 – You may submit your entry in a digital format (PDF for anything representing a physical piece / URL for audio/video entries).
  • Complete all information requested on the entry formRequired information is noted with an asterisk*.

  • Only English language entries will be accepted. Spanish entries will be accepted if sent with an English version.

  • You may submit as many entries as you wish, but you must pay an entry fee for each submission.

  • If you choose to submit a physical copy of your entry, print a copy of your e-mailed entry receipt to include when you send your entry.

Basic Entry Requirements:

Review all requirements carefully to avoid potential disqualification

  • If you are submitting a physical copy of your entry, submit one copy of your online entry receipt along with one copy of your entry. (A copy of your online entry receipt will be emailed to you after checkout). You do not need to send a copy of your entry receipt if you are submitting a digital copy.

  • See special entry requirements below for article, audio/video, or total program entries.

    Special Requirements:

    For Magazine/Newspaper/Newsletter Article Submissions:

    PDF format (preferred): Articles may be submitted in PDF format. Please have a PDF version of your article entry ready to upload prior to completing an entry form. Use the special file upload field on the entry form to submit your article in PDF format. Do not submit the entire publication, only the article being submitted.

    Printed format (acceptable):
     If you are unable to provide a copy of your article in PDF format, please mail three (3) hard copies of the article to us along with your entry receipt. Originals or photocopies are acceptable; do not submit the entire publication, only the article being submitted.

    For Audio/Video Submissions: 

    Online (preferred): Provide a direct link (URL) to your audio/video submission. YouTube, Vimeo, mp3, etc. are acceptable. See entry form for special video URL field. Include running time on entry form. Special URL and running time fields will appear once the appropriate category is selected.

    Packaged CD/DVD format (acceptable):
     If you are submitting a packaged audio/video entry, please enclose the full CD/DVD package. Include running time on entry form.

    For Total Health Information or Special Health Event Programs Submissions: 

    Submit all materials needed to evaluate the total program.

    Entry Deadline: March 31, 2020
    Entry Fee: $65 per entry

    Some entry categories require an additional fee. 


    Online Entry Form


    VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and checks are accepted. Make checks payable to the Health Information Resource Center (or HIRC). (Fed. Tax I.D. # 36-3559293). If paying by check, you must include the check with your entry and entry receipt. Unpaid entries will be disqualified.


    Need a Copy of Our W-9 for Payment?

    Click here to download a copy of our W-9 in PDF format.

    If you are submitting a physical copy of your entry and/or paying by check, send your entry to:

    2020 National Health Information Awards Program
    c/o Health Information Resource Center
    328 West Lincoln Avenue, Suite 10
    Libertyville, IL 60048-2725


    Entries cannot be returned and become property of the National Health Information Awards Program. Winning entries may be used for promotional purposes.

    Questions About Your Entry?

    Contact us:, or call 1-800-828-8225 (weekdays 9-5 Central time).